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Pinpoint Recruitment

We offer pinpoint recruitment services (Talent Scouting) to obtain specific skill sets required by our clients.

With nearly three decades of operation, MIS Consultants stands apart as the “talent experts” with the deepest and broadest recruitment experience.

We specialize in Talent Scouting for the “difficult-to fill” positions. We rise to the challenge of every “niche” or “hard-to-find” search criteria. Through a thorough understanding of your needs and an accurate knowledge of your industry, MIS Consultants can pinpoint recruit the top percentile of candidates which fits your exact technical or functional skill requirement. Experience has taught us that advertising positions and surfing resumes on the job boards may give you access to good candidates, but not necessarily the best candidates for your needs.

The Pinpoint Recruitment of rare, uniquely skilled candidates is a particular strength of MIS Consultants. We will find the top talent available within your industry and know that they can hit the ground running within your corporate environment.

All recruitment services include;

Candidate Testing
Reference Checks
Background Checks
Payment Terms

MIS Consultants is known for rapid response to client assignments. We maintain one of the most-up-to-date and reliable candidate databases in the country that holds the industry's top talent. When appropriate, contact can be made at a moment's notice.

As a result, our clients have the edge when searching for that rare “hard-to-find” candidate.

Contact us about your hard to fill requirements and allow us to prove our worth to you.